Ethan D’Ercole


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ethan portrait

Ethan D’Ercole graduated in 1996 from Washington University in St. Louis with a major in architecture, but in the years since has pursued a musical career in numerous Chicago based groups. Starting with Xeroxed band fliers, and moving on to screen-printed “gig posters” in 2000, D’Ercole combined his love for music and preoccupation with architecture and urban spaces into a unique visual art form. Each work, like a well-crafted song, conveys a particular mood, or reveals a passing obsession or curiosity. The images, like lyrics set to music, convey a narrative.

When time allows, D’Ercole creates pieces free of textual trappings. These whimsical “psychedelic renderings” also explore unusual spaces and places, and are often escapist in nature.

artist photo: Damon Locks
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